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Power Concentrate Cleaner Base Chemicle

Power Concentrate Cleaner Base Chemicle
Power Concentrate Cleaner Base Chemicle
Product Code : 101
Brand Name : JORDAN
Product Description

Jordan Premium Power Concentrate cleaner


Jordan presents for the first time a premium concentrate cleaner Base 

This is the first of its kind product in the market   which can be defined as a “MOTHER” BASE concentrate which can be used to make many many kinds of different cleaning product solution by just varying the proportion of water to be mixed . This way one can make cleaners for different applications with ease.

This product was developed by our chemical engineers through years of trials and testings and a final concentrate was ultimately produced. This product is made of best premium quality chemicals which were procured from different international markets.

Properties and features

By using this product one can get following advantages.

1)      Single product concentrate, this helps the user to save big in money, space and transportation.

2)      Gives the buyer a leverage to make different cleaners under his own brand just by adding perfume and colors.

3)      No wastage. User can mix and use as per the requirement.

4)      It Cleans, shines & refreshes ( it contains some proportion of WAX also) it also acts as a disinfectant against viruses /bacteria/fungi etc. for any kind of surfaces due it chemical composition.

How to use

Due to its unique versatility this concentrate can be used to make different products by mixing water as follows.

1)      Car body( wash and wax)  : as surface preparation/cleaning etc

·         With foam gun   mix 1:25

·         With pressure washer 1:50

·         With Nebulizer  1:50

·         With bucket 1:100

For car wash apply the product thoroughly from top to bottom and allow few second to react with the surface and wash with pressure washer from top to bottom, this product can be used on any kind of painted /wooden/aluminum/plastic surfaces etc.

2)      Mixing this concentrate 1:10 with water one can make following product which can be used and applied using SPRAY BOTTLES.

·         Interior car cleaner& refresher for dashboard/doors/chrome/vinyl/fabric

·          Leather cleaner and refresher

·         As an Disinfectant for Carpets /fabrics

·         Rim cleaner

·         Engine Degreaser

·         Road film Remover

·         Wash and wax body spray

·         Odor Remover.

·         Waterless car wash…………….AND MANY MORE like for housekeeping services, hospitals, hotel, home service etc.

3)      Mixing this concentrate 1:1000 you can make Glass cleaner for various types.

Please note: the above mixing ratio is mentioned as per our testing’s and analysis users are requested to adjust the mixing as per their needs and requirements.

How to use.

Apply the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned and treated, allow the chemical to react with the surface for few seconds and then wipe off with sponge / micro fiber cloth.


This product is made of best quality material which is Biodegradable and safe for hands.

It consists of

Anionic tensides, nonionic tensides, amphoteric, fragrance

Other ingredients: Alkali, water based solvent, additives